Lyoprotect® Single-use Tray for Sterile Freeze-drying

Simple solution for aseptic bulk freeze-drying of pharmaceutical APIs

Are you looking for a simple solution for aseptic freeze-drying in bulk? At the same time, you wish to avoid an elaborate cleaning process?

With the Lyoprotect® Single-use Tray with Filler Assembly you avoid cross-contamination in your freeze-drier. It offers simple handling and optimum protection of your product and working environment.


Lyoprotect® Single-use Tray with Filler Assembly


Safe Sublimation

During sublimation, the vapor escapes via the hydrophobic ePTFE membrane, which is firmly welded to the single-use tray and ensures a safe cover. The membrane acts as sterile barrier and protects the API against contamination and the working environment and staff against fly-out.

Easy Filling

Thanks to the filler assembly, the Lyoprotect® Single-use Tray can simply be filled via a funnel or tube. An important asset, if time is an issue for the formulation stability.


Filler assembly of Single-Use Tray, cap open

Safe Closure

The cap of the filler assembly is hand-screwed without any tools. Afterwards, the single-use tray can safely be moved to the freeze-drier. Preliminary freezing in a deep freezer is also possible.

For you, this means:  easy filling under the laminar flow for aseptic production, fast closing of the screw-on cap and safe transport between laminar flow and freeze-drier.



The Lyoprotect® Single-use Tray can be sterilized in an autoclave by up to 121°C (250°F) for 20 minutes. The tray must be placed on the edge and the cap must be open for sterilization.


Components of the Single-use Tray

Lyoprotect® Membrane:

  • Expanded PTFE on non-woven polypropylene backing
  • Firmly welded to PP tray

PP Tray:

  • Polypropylene tray, medical grade

Filler assembly:

  • Firmly welded to membrane
  • PP (polypropylene), pharma grade
  • Opening of filler assembly: Ø 21.5 mm; suitable for tubes with approx. Do ¾ inch or 20 mm
  • Non-slip retaining tab

Lyoprotect® Single-use Tray with Filler Assembly in three standard sizes


The Lyoprotect® Single-use Tray is offered in the following sizes. Individual dimensions available on request.

Order numberExternal dimensions W x L x HFilling volumeFilling level
LPSU-T1522-FA0909*150 x 225 x 50 mm230–570 ml10–25 mm
LPSU-T1623-FA0009*160 x 235 x 50 mm230–570 ml10–25 mm
LPSU-T2230-FA0909*225 x 300 x 50 mm500–1,300 ml10–25 mm
LPSU-T2331-FA0009*235 x 310 x 50 mm**500–1,300 ml10–25 mm
LPSU-T3045-FA0909*300 x 450 x 50 mm1,100–2,800 ml10–25 mm
LPSU-T3146-FA0009*310 x 460 x 50 mm**1,100–2,800 ml10–25 mm
* The last 4 digits reflect the position of the filler assembly and the orientation of the retaining tab. Individual solutions possible upon request.
** In stock

Functional claims

  • Bacteria-proof container with vapor-permeable membrane
  • High sublimation rate
  • No fly-out
  • No cross-contamination
  • Preliminary freezing possible
  • Safe compliance with occupational exposure limits (OEL 100 ng/m³) with flexible isolators

Quality claims

  • 100% visual inspection of membrane and components
  • Receiving inspection with FTIR spectrometer and full traceability
  • BSE/TSE safe
  • Complies with (EU) No 10/2011 regarding food safety
  • On request: endotoxin test, extractables profile, toxicological evaluation
  • Made in Germany


Further details can be found in the Lyoprotect® Single-use Tray with Filler Assembly data sheet.

If you wish to learn more about our product range, please see the Lyoprotect® Product Catalog.

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