Lyoprotect® Lyophilization Tray

Lyophilization Tray for Highly Potent Substances


The Lyoprotect® Lyophilization Tray is designed for safe freeze-drying in the pharmaceutical production of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). Its anodized surface is non-sensitive to shock and scratching and allows multiple use after cleaning. All components can also individually be sterilized in an autoclave. The filling volume is 100 -500 ml.

With Teclen® Lyoprotect®, API can be produced aseptically.

Lyoprotect® Lyophilization Tray
Lyoprotect® Lyophilization Tray



Customer Benefit

  • Zero flyout (no product loss).
  • Significant reduction of dust exposure compared to open containers.
  • Your freeze-drier does not need cleaning or cleaning validation.
  • OEL – Occupational Exposure Limit can be controlled cost-efficiently
  • Combination of a multiple-use cup with a single-use membrane significantly reduces plastic waste.
  • Scale-up and scale-down with threaded cups and larger trays is easily possible.


In combination with the membrane, the lyophilization tray protects the pharmaceutical product, e. g. an API,  as well as the working environment and staff against contamination.

Lyoprotect® Lyophilization Tray for sterile freeze-drying


During sublimation, the vapor can escape smoothly via the hydrophobic membrane. Freeze-drying process parameters determined with an open container can be transferred and lead to the same drying results. The same filling level has to be applied.


The membrane is designed for single use and can be easily replaced before every new drying cycle.


Sealing the Lyophilization Tray

The silicone gasket ensures reliable sealing throughout the entire process. The required sealing stress is achieved by a threaded assembly.

Tray for lyophilisation sketch
Lyoprotect tray sketch


Teclen® Lyoprotect® Tray with Halar® Coating

The inside of the tray is coated with the thermoplastic fluoropolymer Halar®. The 0.6 mm thick powder coating ensures outstanding  chemical resistance.

Tray for freeze-drying API with with plastic coating
Teclen® Lyoprotect Tray VM with a filling volume of 100—500 ml

Lyoprotect® tray with palstic coating


Product Claims of Teclen® Lyoprotect®

  • Bacteria-proof container with vapor permeable membrane
  • 100% visual inspection of membrane and components
  • Components comply with the regulations for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food according to (EC) No 1935/2004 and (EU) No 10/2011
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