Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly

Flexible sterile barrier for freeze-drying

Fly-out is an issue when drying pharmaceutical ingredients in open containers? You wish to effectively protect your product and your staff?
Flexibility and easy handling are of importance?


Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly

We have the solution: Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly.

Lyoprotect® Membrane + Lyoprotect® Tray= closed container.
It’s that easy to avoid cross-contamination in your freeze-drier!


Favor facile freeze-drying

The Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly facilitates the filling of Lyoprotect® Stainless Steel and Aluminum Trays in their assembled state. It’s bacterial retentive, gas and vapor permeable, with excellent quality for lyophilization. At the same time, it protects your product or API from contamination.

Your staff is continuously protected from fly-out, and there is no product loss.

For even better handling, the Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly is firmly welded to the membrane.

This means: easy filling under the laminar flow for aseptic production, fast closing of the screw cap and safe transport between laminar flow and freeze-drier.


Lyoprotect® Membranes Filler Assembly

The flexible solutions and individual dimensions perfectly fit the footprint of your freeze-drier.


Operating principle of the Membrane with Filler Assembly

Lyoprotect® Membrane: constitutes no significant physical resistance during sublimation due to its porosity. All the same impermeable to germs, contaminants, dust or other particles.

Install the Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly in the tray just like the regular Lyoprotect® Membrane. Tighten the tray’s nuts with a torque screwdriver as usual.


You won’t need any tools to screw the cap onto the filler assembly, though. Holding the retaining tab relieves the load on the weld seam. The assembled tray is filled via a funnel or silicone tube and can be easily moved to the freeze-drier.


Advantages of the Membrane with Filler Assembly
  • Protects staff and environment from fly-out
  • Protects API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) from contamination
  • Easy filling
  • Can be sterilized in the autoclave by up to 121°C (250°F) for 20 minutes
  • Available in different sizes – customized to the Lyoprotect® Aluminum and Stainless Steel Trays

Product Claims of Teclen® Lyoprotect®
  • Bacterial retentive, gas and vapor-permeable membrane, excellent quality for lyophilization
  • 100 % visual inspection of membrane and components
  • Receiving inspection with FTIR spectrometer and full traceability
  • Components comply with the regulations for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food according to (EC) No 1935/2004 and (EU) No 10/2011
  • The Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly does not contain any material of animal origin
  • Made in Germany

Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly
Order numberMatching trayDetails
LPMU-VM-MFALyoprotect® Aluminum Tray VMSingle-use product, PU 10 pc
LPMU-V1622B-MFALyoprotect® Stainless Steel Tray V1622BSingle-use product, PU 10 pc
LPMU-V2740B-MFALyoprotect® Stainless Steel Tray V2740BSingle-use product, PU 10 pc
LPMU-Vxxxx-MFALyoprotect® Stainless Steel Tray, customizableSingle-use product, PU 10 pc

Further details can be found in the Teclen® Lyoprotect® Membrane with Filler Assembly datasheet.

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