Lyoprotect® Cups in stainless steel
Lyoprotect® Bag with vials



Lyoprotect® Lyophilization Bag

Lyophilization bag for freeze drying without contamination: For bulk and vials. You freeze-dry substances in an open container or in vials with a lyo-plug for the development of drug formulations? And in the process, you often have to deal withRead more

Lyoprotect® Threaded Cup for Freeze-Drying

Mitigate the Contamination Risk in Freeze-Drying. The Lyoprotect® Threaded Cup for freeze-drying of small volumes designed for freeze-drying in the pharmaceutical production of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). It is available in stainless steel or in aluminum (non-sensitive to shock andRead more

Lyoprotect® Lyophilization Trays

The Lyoprotect® Lyophilization Trays for sterile freeze-drying are available in three materials: Aluminum, Aluminum with plastic coating and Stainless Steel. All components of the trays, including the Lyoprotect® Membrane, can be sterilized in an autoclave.  APIs can be produced asepticallyRead more

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