Equipment for Lyophilization in Pharmaceutical Industry

The Lyoprotect® Membrane for freeze-drying is the core of all our products. The membrane offers full protection of your lyophilizates and is the key element of the equipment for sterile lyophilization.The membrane gives full protection against cross-contamination of the API. Employees and surrounding in the laboratory are protected – moreover there is no more need for a cost and time-intensive cleaning validation. Your product is also protected against contamination.


Lyoprotect Tray, no contamintaion or flyout


Equipment for Sterile Lyophilization in Pharmaceutical Industry:

Functional Principle: Lyoprotect® Membrane for sterile Freeze-Drying

Lyoprotect® Threaded Cup: The cup is designed for freeze-drying during formulation development in pilot scale for volumes from 10 – 55 ml. Now available in three qualities!

Lyoprotect® Tray:  The freeze-drying tray is most suitable for volumes from about 130 – 530 ml and is perfectly suited as freeze-drying lab equipment.

Lyoprotect® Bag: The bag is the most versatile of our Lyoprotect®products and can be customized individually. The bag is also ideally suited for bulk and freeze-drying in vials.


Logo OpenZThanks to our ERP System OpenZ we are able to trace back each product with lot and serial number.


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