Teclen Team

Teclen CEO, Rolf LenhardtRolf Lenhardt, director and founder of Teclen GmbH

Machine fitter, graduate engineer for process technology, product manager, application engineer, product developer…
Just to name some of the stages of Rolf Lenhardt’s professional career. More than 18 years of experience in different management positions laid the foundation for his own product ideas.

„Challenge what is in place and find a better solution. In dialog with customers, innovative solutions can be found.“
Engineers love technical challenges – so don’t hesitate to ask for individual solutions!

Further details regarding Rolf Lenhardt’s vita can be found on  LinkedIn or Xing.





Teclen Sales, Anja BuschAnja Busch, Sales & Marketing

Graduate physical geographer with many years of professional experience in the field of multimedia, localization and business formation – Anja Busch is a generalist, who loves to permeate and understand new subject areas. But the common denominator of all her activities is always a close contact to customers and suppliers.

„Excellent consulting is the essential thing. Only if a product really fits the customer’s requirements, I’ve done a good job.“

Therefore, Ms. Busch always has an open ear and, in combination with the technical expertise of Rolf Lenhardt, will be happy to find the perfect solution for you. Anja Busch´s CV can also be found on LinkedIn.

Tel.: +49 170 1484 297

Email: anja.busch@teclen.com



Carlos Castiblanco, Office Management and Inside Sales

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Colombia, Carlos Castiblanco gained many years of work experience in global companies. Working in international teams, he solidified his knowledge with customer support and consultation.

Mr. Castiblanco will be happy to guide you to the best solution for your individual needs – in Spanish, English or German.


Tel: +49 8093 9048894

Email: carlos.castiblanco@teclen.com




Teclen Quality, Kerstin LenhardtKerstin Lenhardt, technical documentation and translation

As a certified translator for engineering and natural sciences, Kerstin Lenhardt is responsible for everything related to documentation, in order to provide a comprehensive overview of our products.

„Always striving to transform technical details into articulate texts.“

Email: kerstin.lenhardt@teclen.com






Lisa Mayerthaler

Student assistant with biological expertise. Lisa Mayerthaler takes care of the production and quality control of your products in close collaboration with Patrick Förster.

When studying biology, clean and exact working is of utmost importance in the laboratory in order to avoid any kind of cross-contamination. We make use of this knowledge to provide you with the optimum product.








Patrick Förster, Production and QA


After his successful education as ornamental blacksmith, Patrick Förster has gained 15 years of experience in the field of production and is our expert for the manufacture of the Teclen products. Mr. Förster knows exactly what’s important in order to meet your quality standards at all times.








Peggy Eisenhut, Quality Manager at TeclenPeggy Eisenhut, Quality Management

With a Master degree in Nutritional Science and Home Economics, Peggy Eisenhut has more than 10 years of work experience in the field of International Featured Standard Food as well as Good Laboratory Practice. Her continuing education in Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality Management of Medical Devices according to DIN EN ISO 13485 makes her a valuable asset to the Teclen team.

Peggy Eisenhut is responsible for quality management and will be happy to answer any questions relating to the quality of our products.

Tel.: +49 160 147 3506

Email: peggy.eisenhut@teclen.com



Please contact us for any questions!

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